Mountain Tops and Valleys You don’t have to be around Christian circles for very long before you meet the ‘Mountain Tops and Valleys’ explanation of the ups and downs of the Christian life. I don’t mean to sound dismissive or disrespectful in making this observation. Mountain Top highs and deep in The Valley lows are certainly real and deserve to be taken seriously.     I haven’t written a blog post for quite a long time. I have been moved to start blogging again today after the, very, physical experience of walking up ‘mountains’ (well at least quite steep hills) and then descending into a valley with a small river running through it. Judi and I are taking a short break in the North Pennines, courtesy of two very good friends who  really  talked us into looking after ourselves in this way.  We cannot thank them enough. Waking up to an inspiring view, walking in the hills and vales and finding time to just unwind is something that we haven’t done for many years. The whole experience